Coming together

Things are starting to make sense around here, in this less than sensible mind of mine. Some bits are now up, but there is always the chance that everything is going to change, I’m not sure about this theme for a start. But on to more interesting things:

Daydreams: This bit up the top links to the short stories I shall be posting. Some of these are entirely self contained, other will be snippets from larger worlds, as like certain friends of mine I tend to have difficulty writing anything too small.

Fragments and Memories: Information on novel length stuff shall be going here, as I complete things and edit them. When I get my head around editing properly, and get some cover art either through paying for it, my own attempts or the kindness of strangers, then links to published novels shall appear here as well. Given the way publishing is going at the moment, I’m looking at self publishing on amazon and other places, simply because the book will be up straight away and forever. I’ll be taking the ‘no drm’ option when I do as well, because I personally hate the stuff.

I expect this place to be rickety for a while as I get used to wordpress and actually putting my stuff out there. Enjoy the ride!


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