A daydream and a fragment

A short story and a little blurb on a novel i’m working on are now up!

From the Recess is a short story based on an actual daydream, as it turns out! Just the first section though, the rest fell into place later. The world it takes place in is like ours, but a little less hospitable due to, well, certain demonic entities. Like a lot of my short stuff I’ve left it open to continuing later, but I think it stands well on it’s own.

You’re free to disagree, of course 😉

Bad Harvest be an alien invasion novel! ….. Yeah, very original. But mine has a group of super humans who can save us, but only if we save them first… kinda. It’s more of a case of they can help us save ourselves, which of course makes them a massive target for the Harvesters. They come not for our resources, not for territory, just for us. We are their crop and it’s time for the Harvest.

A side note: I hate alien invasion stories where we get attacked for resources. Battle Los Angeles is the worst offender I’m aware of, these aliens come half way across the galaxy and all they want is water? There’s a whole moon of the stuff in easily mineable ice out by Jupiter! I take the position that most races that advanced would be able to get most of their materials from the wider solar system, making attacking us a waste of time and effort.

Ahem, rant over. Enjoy!


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