Dreaming of Wings

I’m far from the first person to want to fly, and dream away a day or two with thoughts of soaring about a bit. In the same way, the story I’m sharing today (the first part at least) is only one of many in my head involving people with wings. They don’t all have the same kind of wings, and they’re not always actually wings, but yeah, I’ll admit I like the idea a little too much.

Having Wings  is the story of a Valkyrie who has a bit of an existential crisis, coupled with a crisis of faith. Thousands of years of collecting from battlefields, burdened by a crippling injury she cannot remember getting, have left her more open than her peers to listening to the people whose souls she has been sent to collect. As it turns out, they have a few things to say.

I’m splitting this story up for the moment and will be putting out a chunk a week until it’s all online. It’s short (less than ten thousand words) so will probably be complete fairly quickly, and Part one is up now 🙂


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