I..umm.. can’t remember

So my name on here is Absentmemory, you may have noticed. There tends to be a story behind names like this, but the one behind my wordpress account name isn’t really my own.

Yep I stole it.

From one of my characters.

If he knew, I’m sure he’d have mixed feelings on the subject. In essence absentmemory describes what happens to him after the first chunk of his story is over and done with, which I imagine would annoy some people (amnesia, really?) but I’m forging ahead regardless. His name, originally, is Garrett, and he has a less than stellar life.

Despite developing Psychic powers of frightening potential.

Things go wrong for Garrett fairly quickly and despite his best efforts just about everything falls apart. He loses his memory after, through his own choice, leaving the new man that takes his place with little more than basic skills necessary to live. Not that he needs much by that point, he is practically invulnerable on the same level as your average superman, but not bungling the simplest things seemed beneficial. Unfortunately the ‘simplest things’ doesn’t include psychic abilities, so he’s going to have to relearn as he goes.

And there are certain things he must never remember, so his memory has to remain absent. These memories have leaked into sites across the world, and keeping him from obtaining them becomes the driving force behind a certain unfortunate Guardian who comes across him post memory wipe. For the good of the world, she decides to train him in her people’s ways and urges him to help rebuild.

Bits and pieces of this story will probably end up on here soon, but not just yet, it’s several novels long and I’m still writing, speaking of which I really should get back to it ^^’

I realise I haven’t shared as much about Garrett as I’d like, so any questions about him? Ones for him count just as much 🙂





<-Is he really who he was anymore?->


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