A little Dream

So once in a very rare while I’ll get the urge to write a poem. This is not something that comes easily and is usually triggered by something specific. In this case it was the phrase “Blood is thicker than water” which happens to be one that makes me want to spit bile and run through the streets with a pair of fire axes decapitating all those that use it. For a lot of people it signifies that family bonds are unbreakable, pretty much regardless of what family does, and I just want to scream in the faces of such people because they don’t realise how they have caged themselves into a destructive mode of thinking.

Family are just people. They are related, big deal. They are supposed to be the people that would do anything for you and in a lot of cases are (if you are among these, yay! if not, go away). Of course, you would do anything for them too, because they’re family. But understand one thing and it’s really simple: they are just people.

And no one deserves to be shat on by people.

We don’t let friends do it, we drop them as we rightly should. Why does sharing a bit of DNA make a person worth more? Their actions are what make them worth more (Kids get a free ride on this, unless they’re being raised by shitty parents in which case help them rebel, but be prepared for failure).

Basically, everyone has to earn your respect, love, and dedication. You can afford to spend a little respect to get to know them, we do this for friends already, but this is a debt that has to be repaid. If they are good people, they do so intrinsically, without knowing. If not, drop them. You can feel bad about this, you may well take shit for doing it, but life with such people is not worth living.

Blood is thicker than water. It leaves a stain, and is much harder to clean up. In the end the stain is a little like a Rorschach test with a twist: your character isn’t revealed in the blot, but theirs is.

Not to say that I’m an expert in all this, but this is my reality on the subject. I would die tomorrow for my family if necessary, but not everyone I am related to is part of it.

Damn. Now I wish I’d thought up the Rorschach thing when writing the poem. A rewrite may come, but not this day.

I think I’ll file poetry under Dreams, since it tends to be less coherent (for the dream readers out there: more) than short stories (Daydreams around these parts).

I hope you enjoy blood is thicker, after the more since condensing the damn thing in wordpress is eluding me

Blood is thicker

Typically than water

And other liquids

That don’t require slaughter

The reasons are many

For trotting this out

To strengthen bonds

And give them clout

But a bond is a bond

There are none around

That can’t be broken

A horrifying sound


Blood is thicker

It tends to dry quicker

Leaving it’s mark

Always so dark


For some blood flows

Whenever needs arise

But too many point to the stain

Seen as a prize

To hold over others

When they lack an excuse

But for such a bond really

There’s just no use

The flow is gone

Only one bleeds

This person listens

To all the others needs


Blood is thicker

The mark makes us bicker

Held as ironclad

Enough to drive you mad


But there is a solution

Though you may need bleach

Hot water and soap

Are within your reach

Break that bond

But I won’t lie

That wound will bleed

Make it seem you’ll die

You will heal

If you give enough time

The stain will wash

Like any other grime


Blood is thicker

Water is quicker

Both can leave a stain

Which should remain?


Blood is thicker

Than water they say

But not and never why

You can’t wash it away

The stain will remain

Blood’s a bitch to get out

But fade over time

As will the doubt

You’ll have to trust me

Saying cleaning is worthwhile

Making space for those

Who’ll go the extra mile


Blood is thicker

But so is liquor

Can both leave you drunk

And drowning in funk


You want the space

For those in the end who

Leave a different stain

When eventually they leave you

This one never fades

Your blood keeps it fresh

The wound never closes

At most there’s a thin mesh

Easily broken to let flow

The memories time can’t steal

As it will those people

That made you feel


Blood is thicker than water

But be clear, give no quarter

Clean out those who would use you

Keep whole those who would die for you


For all the rest

Blood may spill

But it has to be earned

And let flow by your will


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