Shattered Blade

This years (years’? year’s? I don’t even care anymore) Nano novel is one that has existed in one form or another in the back of my mind for a couple of years now. I wrote out the first few chapters by hand in a notebook and it kind of died an odd sort of death as I drifted away from it. Now though it is not a tale of gods intruding on the world we know, but one set in a fantasy world where they have always existed.

And always been petty, as it turns out.

The titular item is a weapon forged in the last great war between the heavens and hell. Neither of which are really more than the domains of their respected gods, He on high and the Vengeful One, both of which are just the most powerful of their kind. There are many others all vying for power, but this weapon is going to change the entire world with it’s coming. Forged when the greatest weapons of heaven and hell clashed this thing is stronger than both and will end up in the hands of a mortal woman who just wants to know more about the world.

She… may have to stab some people in the process ^^”

The synopsis be here: Permanence, and the first 1200 words or so are here: Fragment

And now I rush off back to it, my word pile is not nearly high enough.


Behold the Nanobolt

Storm clouds gather in the deepening dark, mustering energies beyond fathoming with which to assault the ground below. The arcs begin even before the rain starts but they are merely the light show, the echoes of what is to come spreading in grand webs through the strengthening storm. Rain and ocean mix in the wind, the smells combining in the charged atmosphere to make that unique air of the storm.

The first strike explodes a tree. No one notices.

A second writes glittering letters in sandy soil of a language none can read.

The third, it’s always the third, strikes me, and life is reborn.

Somewhere, quietly, a madman is cackling with glee over this very subject. Or because he spilled his soup and it looks like jesus, it’s hard to tell.

The grand storm is Nanowrimo and it has, as pointed out in this silly little post, brought me back to writing life. I fell for an mmo, always a silly thing to do, and have written very little for the last few months, but no longer. I am 17,530 words into this year’s little month long novelling adventure and could not be happier to be back into it, with a little look see and revision (advised against, but I take advice sparingly) I think I’ll be posting my first 12-1500 words here shortly. Why? Why not, and because Chuck Wendig put it forth as the flash fiction challenge, of course 😉