A 100 word Drabble

Time for another Chuck Wendig challenge! Just a short one, a 100 word Drabble as he’s called it, and for lack of any better inspiration I decided to see if I could pare down a 1000 word short story of mine and still have it make sense. You be the judge, whoever you may be


Hushed Whisper

She came again today. Pressed her nose to the glass, that same smile, same eyes, same beckoning finger. I managed to get my hand over my mouth as I coughed, but tiny red spots still hit the glass.

She breathed on the surface and wrote her name, with the strength I had I did the same. She promised to be back tomorrow, I couldn’t promise I would be here.

She came again today. Pressed a finger to the glass and waited, but my own went right on through. She took my hand, laughing, and pulled me away.