Shattered Blade: Permanence

Liana Tembourne is an Archiver, prominent among her people as one who safeguards knowledge and history. Since the time of the Cleaving the peoples of the world have desperately sought to reclaim their past, taken from them by temperamental gods who see humanity as little more than a tool to be used in grand wars over who is greatest. Artefacts and remnants of the Cleaving, however, suggest that these wars have ended and more than that: the gods are scared. Rumours of weapons lost to the mortal plane circulate in twine with murmurs of unimaginable horrors inflicted on anyone daring to find them. Liana Tembourne knows of one such weapon.
The Shattered Blade has been her goal since she was a girl, the driving force behind her life, and now she is close to finding it. Nations gear for war as she draws closer, and land quakes with the trembling of the gods on high. For in the hands of a mortal, none can be sure of what the Shattered Blade is capable of.


A prologue this way comes: Shattering


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