The blade clove through them as easily as the air Deneres soared through, sending bits and pieces of demon tumbling down to the human realm far below. No previous weapon could compare to this veritable monster of a sword, constructed in limited time but with the best techniques available to counter the demonic threat pouring forth from the Vengeful One. Her charge, the same as all her sisters and brothers fighting and dying in the air around her, was to repel this foul swarm from the very gates of Heaven.
Thurien, he on high, was lord of all and would suffer no insult.
In truth, Deneres would not be here were it not in her nature. As weapon smith of he on high she was privy to more than most of her kind and so the grand facade she was participating in was transparent to her. This was merely a skirmish between brothers, one dissatisfied with his accumulated power and the other greedy to keep his own. The idea sickened here more than the discarded entrails of the demons and her own kin falling past.
Yet still she went on, slashing and stabbing, diving and weaving, carving right through many of the weapons that were brought against her. In this fashion she had become the tip of the spear and behind her the forces of heaven rallied to push on through the demonic ranks.
Then the air was clear, no enemy close enough to strike, the angels finding themselves rapidly billowing outward in search of a target. Only one presented itself, a single huge demon that was inexplicably more human in shape that most of it’s brethren. An equally impressive sword glinted in the sunlight that was rapidly tanning the hides of every hell born wretch in the sky, a counterpart to her own.
There had been rumours, it was the main reason she had spent so much of her tiny window of time assembling her sword. This was the general of hell’s armies, the right hand of the vengeful one, the most powerful opponent she could face that was not a true god.
Angel and demon moved back, creating a small open area of sky for the two destined warriors to fight. Automatically Deneres murmured a prayer to her god, the words as empty as the path to her enemy. In truth, she hoped that some facet of her skill had faltered, that the blade would break and that horrific monstrosity the demon wielded would erase her from this world once and for all.
But this was no place for hope.
The demons bellowed their war cry and many angels sang a hymn for her in kind, but the two warriors made no sound as they accelerated towards one another. All sound was blasted away as holy steel met infernal iron and tore at the fabric of reality between. There was no telegraphing of any attack from either of them yet with each swing the swords met, gouging chunks from one another in flurries of sparks. Deneres couldn’t help admiring the skill of her opponent even as both of them weakened, the faint spark of hope gaining some fuel as the fight wore on.
Hours passed, and the armies grew silent. Only the piercing booms of the weapons impacting each other could be heard, even the wind seemed to have stopped to observe the climax. Numerous bones were broken and organs were failing in the angel, but the same was true of the demon and each could see this truth in the other’s eye.
Withdrawing to their original positions, they held their swords out high as each side began to roar in open protest at the fight ending without a victor. Quiet descended again as the demon and angel closed their eyes, gathering the last of their strength for one final strike. Deneres dared to hope, just for a moment, that they would both be destroyed in the ensuing assault, that she would have to bear her broken body, and the lie that it lived for, only a little longer.
At the same moment eyes opened and they shot forward, no sound passing between as they accelerated to a centre of utter carnage. Swinging her sword with all of her might and every last drop of her grace, Deneres sought to destroy her enemy.
The swords met.
The world changed.
Deneres was falling through chaos worse than the battle that had been raging. Both armies were in complete disarray around her, but she found she could not care, her strength gone and only the serene thought that she was going to her rest pervading her mind.
But there was the other.
Falling alongside her was the demon general, less monstrous than the rest of his… no, her, kin, body broken as Deneres’ own and little at all remaining of her sword arm. The demon’s eyes fluttered open, black within black, and found Deneres. A weak smile played on the demon’s lips and she managed a single pump of her twisted, broken wings, bringing her close enough to speak in a pocket she formed between them.
“Jora” She said, voice barely audible even with the still air.
“Deneres” The angel replied, not knowing why.
Demon and angel nodded at one another as their kin blindly tore each other apart. So that was the truth of it, neither wished to continue, this final fight was what they had both wanted. For some reason, this solidified Deneres’ own resolve and a single tear escaped her eye as they fell together towards the end.
But flickering light is enough to spoil most moods.
Angel and demon, falling slowly toward the human plane, looked back up towards the heavens and fixed their eyes on something falling faster than they were. Spinning in the air the shining object was indistinct against the pale blue sky, the true nature lost in the flurry of activity all around.
Only as the sword passed between them did they realise what it truly was. The sight of angels and demons is as near to perfect as can be and in the moment they had to watch the weapon whip past both of them gasped in shock, and no small amount of horror.
The blade was holy.
The blade was infernal.
The blade twisted in the air, it’s surface and structure fractured and fluid and refusing definition. In that final moment that had sealed Deneres and Jora’s fates, their swords had been destroyed only to combine into something new, something terrifying.
Something that was passing beyond their reach into the human plane far below.
Instantly the armies of heaven and the hordes of hell ceased their fight, so gripped were they by the quaking fear of their masters. Power untold had passed out of the ethereal realm and into the physical, the domain of humanity. The moment it had passed both he on high and the Vengeful One had suffered a loss that tore into them, down to their very core.
Angels and demons swarmed the fallen warriors now, and despite the lack of any fighting this was the harshest punishment the gods could have bestowed on their servants. Healing balms were applied as the armies withdrew to their homes, dragging back the would be heroes to explain how they had allowed the balance of power to be shattered.
Deneres cast one last glance to the human plane, past it’s border and down to the world the blade now fell towards. That was the truth of it, the blade that had been two had not, could not, come together as one. The abomination would be forever as it was at this moment: Shattered.


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