Changes, gearing up, and comics!

Enthusiasm is infectious.

I’ve let this blog lie long enough, and thankfully I stumbled across Kate Leth’s Less Than Live podcast a while back, and I was blown away by how excited she gets by comics, not just the ones she reads but those she’s writing too. Kate started out working in a comic store with a webcomic on the side and now is on a rapid rise to the greats of modern comic book writers. She’s written an Adventure Time graphic novel, Seeing Red (with another on the way), is the writer for Bravest Warriors and has recently taken on writing duty for two new series in Fraggle Rock and Edward Scissorhands.

You can probably tell, she’s busy.

Her podcast has gotten me into comics. No other way to say it, really, and I am so very glad it did. If you go to the podcast site I mentioned earlier you can see lists of the comics she recommends and so many of them are sooo good. Saga being my favourite, everything she says about it is true, it’s great and you should be reading it now. It’s star crossed lovers in space, with wars and magic and a baby to protect.

If that doesn’t sound good to you, then I’m sorry but I can’t help you.

I’ve found that comic writers and artists are some of the more interesting on twitter, and ended up reading the new 52 Batgirl and Dynamite’s Red Sonja as a result of following Gail Simone, who can tell you what is and what is not fakey, and whose works I have only begun to delve into. Both are great, by the way, so go get reading.

Anyway, since the preamble/gushing is out of the way, on to things about me. Yes, I know you’re all excited (even if imaginary, but I won’t hold that against you). Enthusiasm for comics and the people that make them has lead me back to wanting to finish the numerous projects floating around in my head, so I’m starting with a rearrangement of this blog, since that’s not quite so scary as the at least three books and dozen or so short stories I want to fix and make worthwhile.

With that in mind, things have changed to be a bit more sensible. Gone is the slightly more Urban Fantasy idea of this being a place where stories flow through from other worlds, since that was frankly confusing. And I want Davely confusing, at the least.

… Yeah, even with the changes, I’m still me.

Short stories are now in their sensibly named section, and since I don’t have books out yet I’ve got a longer works section for the little bits I’ve put up about what I’m writing. Which I may not be writing right at this moment, but are always there, nibbling away at my consciousness until they find a way out through my fingers or drill a hole in my skull. I hope they put it to a vote.

Things will appear, disappear, maybe even exist as only nebulous waveform in a passing cloud, but rest assured this place will make a bit more sense.

But only a bit.