About Me

Alan T. Bradshaw

Since being born in 1987 in Northampton, England, I’ve been interested in a little of everything.

Except sports, I really have no interest in any sport. At least until someone invents a polar bears bowling penguins game, obviously.

Anyway, I’m a care worker and spend my time not carrying things from place to place reading, writing, watching movies and throwing in the occasional video game. This is a blog of rambles, things I’m enjoying, and my slow, inexorable, quest to become some kind of writer. Feel free to stick around and watch the fireworks.

Why Incarnatememory? I could say something about writing making abstract things real, but if it’s real to you then that should be enough, shouldn’t it?

(Unless you’re surrounded by purple badgers. Then you probably have a problem, and should get some medication. Put the bat down, please)


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